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The Modulay is a PT2399 delay in the classic style, meaning that it hails from the same data sheet setup as many other PT2399 delays – but with a pair of modifications. Along with the classic PT2399 design, we have included as an internal trimpot the fantastic ‘noise’ control developed by DIY community member Culture Jam (CJ). CJ’s simple design allows the user to adjust the filtering of the wet signal from ‘bright and noisy’ to ‘dark and cleaner.’ An additional feature of this particular delay includes a modulation circuit found in a few other designs, ¬†with an external control for the depth of the modulation and an internal control for the speed.

Particularly of note, this effect PCB is designed for a single sized enclosure – that’s right, a PT2399 delay WITH modulation that fits in a 125B easily and could be made to fit in a 1590B with a little careful planning. These sorts of projects don’t come along every day!

Modulay Build Docs

4 Knob Type B Drill Template


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