• Where are you located?

We are located in Canada! Keep this in mind when you order from us, because if you’re not used to receiving packages from Canada, you might be surprised when a package takes longer than you may be used to.

  • How often do you ship out packages?

We ship 1-2 times per week, and usually on Wednesdays-Fridays.

  • So how quickly will my package get into the mail?

Because we don’t ship daily, it means that we group packages into batches.  This means your order will be in the mail in about 2-5 business days, depending on the number of orders we get in. Sometimes, we are able to ship quickly, but sometimes we need to wait a day or two for a few orders to pile up before we make the trip to the post office.

  • What service do you use for shipping?

We use Canada Post regular mail. This is the least expensive method for our clients. It does take a bit of time for PCBs to arrive, but it’s the most reliable, as we’ve had very, very few packages get lost in the mail. In fact, none.

  • Can you ship my order faster than regular mail?

If you need something shipped quickly, feel free to request this by email at jmkpcbs@gmail.com. It will cost more, but I can ship things so they get there more quickly than our usual service.

  • So, how come my package hasn’t arrived yet? I’ve been waiting…

Typical wait times after shipping range from 1-4 weeks, and if it’s been 5 or 6 weeks, you should get in touch for a as. We are not in control of how long it takes, but feel free to email us with questions.


PCB Manufacturing and Stocking

  • Where do you get your PCBs made?

Our PCBs are manufactured overseas, usually in China, which allows the price to be low, which turns into savings for you!

  • When is _X anticipated project_ going to be restocked?

Because of the distance involved, it often requires some time to have PCBs manufactured and shipped to us in Canada. I can’t say for certain when something is going to be back in stock, but it can take a bit of time. Don’t be afraid to ask, but usually, asking doesn’t speed the process up.


DIY/Commercial and Bulk ordering and Design

  • Can I use your PCB to build pedals to sell?

While we generally request that JMK PCBs be used in hobby building for personal use. We recognize that sometimes builders want to move on from an effect, or find some funds to build something else. This is ok, and we are fine if you want to sell you pedal, however we ask that you don’t do short (or long) runs of pedals without talking to us first.

  • So it’s cool if I sell a pedal I made from a PCB I got from JMK?

Totally fine! However, we ask that all sales be open, meaning the builder does not try to pass off the design, PCB artwork, or manufacture of the PCB as his or her own work. Please give credit where it is due. In the same way, don’t try and pass of a pedal you made as a pedal someone else’s pedal either!

  • So, what if I do want to build a run of pedals? Can you help me out?

If you are interested in buying several PCBs in order to do a run of builds, we do not currently have a special rate beyond what we currently sell PCBs for. BUT, what we can do is design you a PCB of your own! This can be fully customized to whatever specs you are looking to have in place. Please contact us by email at jmkpcbs@gmail.com if you are interested in having us either design a PCB for your own use.

  • I have an awesome idea for a PCB! Will you do a PCB for me?

Yes! We would love to, but please remember there are many things we can, and certain things we can’t do. If we can do it, we will happily do a PCB up for you. If you have a design you’d like to see turned into a PCB, or even want JMK PCBs to be selling an effect you’ve designed, please get in touch.