Get JMK PCBs in a Kit:

  • Musikding: The number one European DIY site

Places to get parts:

  • Smallbear: The oldest pedal parts, supplies, and tool shop
  • Mouser: Mega warehouse of electronic parts
  • Pedal Parts Plus: The best place to get powder coated enclosures
  • Tayda: Asian pedal parts and supplies shop
  • Musikding: The number one European DIY site

DIY Pedal Forums:

  • Madbean: One of the raddest online communities ever!
  • BYOC: Very popular online forum
  • DIY Stompboxes: The oldest place find DIY compatriots

Other places to find DIY Pedal PCBs:

  • Madbean: The Bean himself is one very cool dude.
  • BYOC: Kits and PCBs, great stuff for beginners
  • 1776 Effects: Made famous by the Multiplex