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The 7 Seg Bank Switch PCB is an add-on PCB for the Epic Programmable Bypass Looper project that we’ve released in conjunction with THCustom PCBs.

The Epic Looper is pretty fantastic as it is, but one of the biggest questions we get is ‘how do I tell what bank I’m on?’ For those who are fine with the RGB LED setup, it’s usually pretty fine to simply use the Epic Looper as is, but for some musicians it’s not enough. Enter the 7 Seg add on package, which switches out the RGB LED for the bank switch for a 7 segment LED that will give a number readout for the bank. This enables the user to see a little bit more clearly, at the cost of a little bit more expense in getting the package and in parts.

The PCB comes with a micocontroller which enables this PCB add-on to work. Please note This PCB is not a standalone project, it will only work with the Epic Looper project.

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