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The Epic Bypass Looper is by far the most ambitious project we supply! Put simply, this device is designed to be the brain of a pedal board, simultaneously organizing 5 different loops of pedals into one bypass device and providing programmable sets of these pedals along with midi output. It will even do Amplifier switching if you need it to and have a compatible setup!

This project was designed in conjunction with Thomas of THCustom DIY Effects. If you are in North America, we recommend getting the Epic Looper Kit from us here at JMK PCBs, but if you live in Europe we encourage you to head to the THCustom shop to get yours. If you’re elsewhere in the world, the choice is yours where you source your kit!

At this time, we only allow a user to purchase one kit at a time. However, if you’re interested in buying several, please contact us at jmkpcbs@gmail.com for more info.

Epic Looper Build Docs

Epic Looper User Manual


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