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The Hamlet+ is the long awaited Tap Tempo enabled rendition of Jon Patton’s Hamlet Delay! It features:

  • Tap Tempo using the Taptaion chipset available from the¬†DIY Stompboxes¬†store
  • A unique Dry signal path that uses a pair of transistors and runs at 18V rather than the common PT2399 withDual Op Amp Buffer
  • Buffered Bypass, so you never lose those trails!
  • A Noise control, which blends out some of the nastiness that PT2399 chips can be known for
  • Modulation on the Delayed signal path
  • Fits in a 1590BB enclosure (a 125BB is recommended if you like more room) with top mounted jacks

As it is such a feature intensive PCB, and because it’s fairly large and has many parts to it, we don’t recommend this project for beginners. That said, it isn’t an impossibly hard build, but more of an intermediate-to-advanced sort of project.

Hamlet+ Build Docs

Hamlet+ Drill Template


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