The Taptation Project


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The Taptation PCB set is designed to be used in conjunction with a PT2399 equipped Delay. It’s purpose is to create the ability to tap the tempo of the delay repeats. None of the three options we offer are standalone products, but requires the Taptation chipset available from DIY Stompboxes, as well as an additional delay PCB.

The three Taptation options we offer include:

  1. The Mini Taptation – The lightest in features and smallest in size
  2. The Standard Taptation – Most of the features available while still small
  3. The Modulating Taptation – Includes an extra knob for modulating the delayed signal

Consider taking a looking at the Modular Delay PCB to couple with the whichever Taptation PCB you choose as they are ready built to be used together.

Taptation Implementation Document

Mini Taptation Build Docs

Standard Taptation Build Docs

Modulating Taptation Build Docs


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