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If you love the Muff, than you should try this unbelievable Muff variant we call the Scuba Muff. Tricked out with switches that do a bunch of extra things to the original muff circuit, this PCB allows the user to build a fairly standard Muff, but then do things with it that no Muff can do on it’s own. Check it out if you’ve always wanted a Boutique Muff but haven’t had the funds to find these rare beasts.

The Scuba Muff is the first PCB we ever released, and we owe a debt of gratitude to those who purchased a copy to help us get all this started! Thanks so much, we hope you enjoy!

Scuba Muff Build Docs Rev 1.1

Scuba Muff Build Docs Rev 2.0

3 Knob Type A Drill Template

Scuba Muff Drill Template

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Rev 1.1, Rev 2.0


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